BBQ Glazed Salmon

“I have been playing with my salmon recipe over ten years, and I’m excited to finally share it with the world.” – Bruce Schlesinger, Partner

Our Atlantic salmon is dry-rubbed, wood-smoked.  The smoking process not only adds delicious flavor to the salmon, but the slow-cooking also holds in the moisture of the fish.  It’s a process that we’ve mastered so the salmon is always naturally moist. The salmon is accompanied by our corn salsa and baja slaw, that together provide a crunchy pop of sweetness with every bite.  And the bacon on top is bourbon infused, thick-cut, smoked, slightly sweet, and incredibly tasty.


Sapporo Battered Alaskan Cod

“This is the taco that started it all for me…I had been searching for the perfect fish taco for quite some time.  I couldn’t find it, so I decided to make it.” – Marc Malnati, Partner

The star of this taco is the Alaskan cod, Sapporo battered and lightly fried. While frying, the batter swells around the fish to create just the right amount of crunch, while sealing in the flavors of the cod.  The mango salsa adds a fruity sweetness that cuts the richness of the fish, while the bright and fresh baja slaw provides that perfect crunch with every bite. The creamy yogurt sauce tops it all off and contributes to the juiciness of the taco.


Crispy Shrimp

“This taco was inspired by a trip I took to Little Dick’s Bay in the British Virgin Islands.” Marc Malnati, Partner

Battered tempura style shrimp is fried to a crispy, golden brown, and sits atop a mound of baja slaw.  It is topped with a slightly spicy sashimi sauce and garnished with sliced avocado.  Go ahead, try and find a better shrimp taco; we dare you.


Sweet & Spicy Ahi Tuna Poke

“When we were developing the menu for Buzz Bait Taqueria, I insisted on having a cold ahi tuna taco. It beautifully personifies our idea of sushi quality, deep dish fun.” – Giulia Sindler, Partner

This taco is as visually appealing as it is delicious. It starts with a teriyaki glazed tortilla, and then it’s topped with cubed, cold ahi tuna. The fish is lightly marinated with a tequila soy dressing, but the fresh out of the water taste shines through. The avocado salsa adds a creaminess that pairs well with the fresh fish, and the baja slaw adds crunchy texture to the taco. The beautiful orchid leaf on top is a pop of edible color that will just make you want to dive into this taco for that first bite!

Crispy Panko-Crusted Avocado

“When you say ‘vegetarian taco’ sometimes people tend to give a little sigh, but this fried avocado is revolutionary. It’s absolutely delicious!” Sharon Perazzoli, Partner

Tender slices of avocado are coated with light panko breadcrumbs, then fried to create a crispy outer shell. When you take a bite, that crispy exterior gives way to the creamy avocado inside. The mango salsa on top is a sweet addition to the savory avocado, and the taco is finished with a smoky, slightly spicy chipotle crema.

seared Mahi Mahi

“A blackened mahi-mahi may sound traditional, but our version is anything but.  It is sure to exceed expectations.”  Pedro Barrera, Partner

Our signature Buzz Bait blackening blend is a classic combination of spices, inspired by the flavors of the Caribbean.  It’s liberally applied to the fish, which is then grilled to release all the flavors of the spices. The flaky, mild Mahi Mahi is accompanied by cool and creamy avocado salsa that plays off the strong flavors of the spices. It’s then topped with crunchy baja slaw and savory peanut sauce. The finishing squeeze of fresh lime juice brings all the flavors together.


Blackened Chicken

“I had to do some convincing to get chicken on the menu, but once the team tried it, everyone felt it was a worthy addition to our fish-focused menu.”   Mike Sterner, Partner

We knew if we were going to put chicken on the menu of a predominantly fish taco joint, it had to be great. This taco fits the bill. Blackened chicken, seasoned with our Buzz Bait blackening blend, with added sweetness and crunch from corn salsa and baja slaw. Everything is topped with chipotle crema, that adds a smoky, slightly spicy kick that really takes this taco over the top.

Bottoms Up

Buzz Bait Taqueria aims to please with three signature margaritas. The first is a Classic Margarita of fresh orange and lime juice, agave, and cointreau.  The bright citrus flavors in this refreshing cocktail beautifully complement the flavors of our food. The second signature margarita is a Blueberry Mint Margarita, made with fresh lime juice, hand-muddled blueberries, agave, cointreau, and topped with a splash of soda and mint leaves. The third margarita is the Mango Django Margarita, a combination of fresh lime juice, mango, agave, and cilantro. Trust us, you'll want to try all three. These margaritas are good. We mean seriously good.

We are committed to protecting the future of sustainable seafood, and for that reason, we offer fish from sustainable sources and fishing methods using the Shedd Aquarium’s Right Bite Program and Best Aquaculture Practices to guide our choices.  Additionally, we only use natural chicken that is raised without antibiotics, hormones, and preservatives.