On your way in the door, be sure to take a minute to check out the pictures in the doorway! The photos were compiled from friends and family and the images capture some of their best catches from different spots all over the world. The wall is designed to be constantly changing so new catches can be added. Look closely, you might spot some familiar faces!

Surf’s Up

It’s rare to see someone catching a wave on Lake Michigan, but we’ve brought a little bit of the surf to Buzz Bait Taqueria with a board Marc Malnati acquired on a trip to California.  While it saw some action back in the day, it hasn’t seen the ocean waves in quite a while. We think it looks right at home in the Buzz Bait dining room, don’t you?  


When you walk into Buzz Bait Taqueria, you’ll undoubtedly notice the three larger than life fishing lures that line the wall. Designed by local artist Ray Paseka, the brightly colored lures are a nod to our namesake. When fishermen talk about a “buzzbait”, it refers to a jig typically used in bass fishing. While we aren’t catching any fish with our lures, we can bet our food will have you hooked after just one bite!