Have you ever tasted something that was so good, you simply couldn’t put it out of your mind? You tried to find something similar, but in the end, nothing could ever compare to the perfection you first tasted. That’s exactly how Buzz Bait Taqueria was born.

Buzz Bait Taqueria was inspired by Marc Malnati’s time spent looking for the perfect fish taco.  He found it up the Pacific coast from Newport Beach, California while vacationing and was never able to find another taco that topped that experience.

While others might just settle for a lesser fish taco, Marc decided to turn his search into a new project. He started developing recipes with the Lou Malnati’s food team, who were excited to flex their culinary skills. His goal? Take real food, and raise it to an inspiring level.

With Buzz Bait Taqueria’s concept of “sushi quality, deep dish fun” you can expect an array of tacos that have never been done before. When developing recipes, the team sought out flavors that would best complement the high quality fish.  

The project expanded further when he crossed paths with Giulia Sindler, a co-owner of Kamehachi. With Malnati’s passion for the project and Sindler's family's experience creating Chicago's best sushi for almost 50 years, it was a match made in foodie heaven

From the freshly made salsas, to the crisp and crunchy baja slaw, every component has been painstakingly thought out, so when you take a bite, the mixture of textures and tastes work together to create extraordinary tacos.

A menu as unique as Buzz Bait Taqueria’s requires an equally unique restaurant space. The concept of the space is city meets the sea; a mixture of beachy elements that remind you of eating freshly caught fish on the beach, with urban elements, reminiscent of classic Chicago architecture.