Best Tacos in Chicago

Just in time for the warmer weather, Buzz Bait Taqueria is making a "splash"  with some of the best tacos in Chicago!

Eater Chicago just released their Tacos in Chicago: 10 to Try Now, and guess who made the list? Yup, that's us on that list. Right there at #3 with the best tacos in Chicago. It sure sounds like Eater Chicago has been hook'd!

"When the First Family of Chicago Pizza opens a taqueria, you know they mean business. This collaboration between Lou Malnati's and sushi restaurant Kamehachi was inspired by Marc Malnati's travels on the west coast. The space evokes the feel of a beach shack while the menu focuses on fish tacos of all varieties, ranging from fried cod and BBQ-glazed salmon to ahi tuna poke and seared mahi mahi."

Which tacos are on your list to try NOW? We recommend the combo order, pick any two tacos for just $10!

Pro tip: check out our menu before you swim on by. Avoid that "uhhhhh...." moment when you get up to the counter to order... our tacos tend to do that to people. It comes with the territory of, you know, having some of the best tacos in Chicago!